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We created this blog site to foster an open, honest, productive, and influential discussion about the much-misunderstood topic of Project Time Management.



To be sure, Project Time Management means different things to different people.

  • Project Time Management is practiced differently in different industries.   What is considered “best practice” in the Construction Industry might not even work (and  could possibly even do damage) in another industry (e.g., the Software Industry).
  • Old-timers have a very different idea of what constitutes Project Time Management than do more recent entrants into the Project Time Management practice.
  • Each of the leading Project Management institutions has published its own opinion (version) of what sound Project Time Management looks like, and acts like.

As Project Management becomes more and more popular as a way to conduct business, and as timely project completion becomes increasingly urgent and essential, greater and greater focus will be placed on the role of Project Time Management within its embracing parent culture, Project Management.

It behooves anyone who has a vested interest in whether projects finish on (or ahead of) schedule to learn as much as they can about Project Time Management.


It’s pretty simple, really.  We have gathered some of the world’s leading authorities on Project Time Management and given them the opportunity to author a monthy (or more frequent) blog on Project Time Management … but from the perspective of the Industry (discrete application environment) with which they are expertly familiar.

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Finally, this is your blog site.  This is where we encourage you, and your colleagues, to turn to … to find the latest and greatest insights into the fascinating field of Project Time Management.  But some of the most valuable advice does not come from some silver-haired “expert.” It comes from the folks in the trenches, people like yourself, who do the dirty work of Project Time Management each and every day.  So let us hear from you:

  • Every blogger on this blog site wold love for you to comment on their thoughts, or on the comments of your peers.
  • And we, the administrators of this blog site, welcome your ideas on how to make this a better blog site — where those who have a vested interest in the successful implementation of Project Time Management turn to with confidence and eager anticipation.



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